Poll Shows Trump Leading Biden by Six Points in Wisconsin

Swing State Poll Reveals Trump’s Commanding Lead as 2024 Race Heats Up.

Former President Donald Trump holds a six-point lead over incumbent President Joe Biden in Wisconsin, a critical swing state, according to a recent poll conducted after the first 2024 presidential debate. The AARP/Fabrizio Ward/Impact Research poll found that 44% of likely Wisconsin voters plan to vote for Trump in November, while 38% support Biden.

Key Poll Findings:

  • Trump Leads by Six Points: 44% for Trump vs. 38% for Biden.

  • Independent Candidate Impact: 9% plan to vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., while 5% are undecided, and 4% would vote for another candidate.

  • Head-to-Head Competition: Trump maintains a five-point lead, with 50% support compared to Biden's 45%.

  • Debate Performance: 56% of viewers said Trump won the recent debate, while only 13% said Biden won.

  • Party Support: 93% of Wisconsin Republicans support Trump, while 86% of Democrats back Biden.

The enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats could significantly impact voter turnout rates, favoring Trump. While Trump leads in the presidential race, Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin holds a lead in her race against Republican challenger Eric Hovde, with Baldwin receiving 50% support compared to Hovde's 45%.

Wisconsin, with its 10 electoral votes, will be crucial in the upcoming election. Biden narrowly won the state against Trump in 2020 by about 20,000 votes, approximately 0.7% of the total votes cast.

The poll's results are not an isolated concern for Biden. A Suffolk University survey conducted after the debate revealed that over 40% of Democrats believe Biden should be replaced as the Democratic presidential nominee. Another post-debate poll indicated that 72% of voters believe Biden is not fit to serve as president.

These findings underscore the mounting challenges facing Biden as he seeks re-election, with voter confidence waning and Trump gaining momentum in key battleground states.

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