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What do you think will be the biggest consequence of President Biden granting amnesty to migrants?

40% - Increase in illegal immigration and border crossings.
35% - Greater strain on public resources, including healthcare, etc.
25% - Illegal immigrants will try to marry U.S. citizens for legal status.

President Biden's decision to grant amnesty to migrants has sparked heated debate, with our recent poll showing that the biggest anticipated consequence is an increase in illegal immigration and border crossings, capturing 40% of the votes. Many of our readers expressed their frustrations and concerns about this policy, anticipating severe impacts on the nation's resources and security.

One reader lamented, "Perhaps now, after it took most of the public over 3 years to realize the country is being invaded, they'll be quicker to catch on to the added dollars they'll be shelling out in healthcare, public education, and more." Another quipped, "First step to end the country is accepting lies by elected officials. #2 teach lies as truths & silence all that see the lies. #3 replace patriots with illegals. Our country is doomed." Adding to the chorus, one respondent stated, "Begging For Votes! - Next Thing It Will Be Offering $$ If It Gets Their Vote!!" The overwhelming sentiment is one of frustration and fear over the long-term impacts on America's stability and resources.

Do you think President Joe Biden will drop out or be replaced in the upcoming 2024 election?

71% - Yes, Biden is senile and losing popularity
19% - No, Democrats still view him as their best chance
10% - Unsure, too early to predict

In a recent poll, our readers were asked whether they think President Joe Biden will drop out or be replaced in the upcoming 2024 election. A significant 71% believe that Biden is senile and losing popularity, leading to the likelihood of his exit. Many shared colorful opinions, with one stating, "Biden has shown that he is not the person behind the presidency. He is doing what he is told. He is not mentally competent to be our president." Another reader humorously commented, "If he really cares about the nature of the U.S., he should ask Obama to let him go outside and play!" A third pointed out, "The MSM have begun their negative Biden campaign."

The prevailing sentiment among the majority is that Biden's ability to lead is severely compromised, with several voters questioning his decision-making capabilities. One noted, "Biden cannot make decisions and only says what his controllers tell him to say," while another added, "Biden is not good for America—not only is he losing it mentally, but all his policies are horrible for the country." The belief that the Democrats may replace him at the last minute was also echoed, suggesting a strategic move to avoid debates and present a fresh candidate.

Trump conviction overturned before election?

79% - Yes
21% - No

We asked our readers whether they believe Trump's conviction will be overturned before the election. The overwhelming majority, 79% of our audience, voted "Yes." One commenter expressed their faith in a higher power, stating, "The fierce people coming against him will fall believe me it’s not President Trump they fight it’s God himself." Another praised Trump's leadership qualities, saying, "You need someone strong to pull the nation on the right path." A third summed it up with a fervent declaration: "TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT TO SAVE AMERICA."

The minority who voted "No" were equally vocal in their beliefs. One skeptic pointed out, "Too much corruption in Biden admin for it to happen," while another doubted the judicial system's integrity, saying, "No way. Biden's DOJ will never allow it. They will try to imprison him before the election - Putinesque." These responses reflect a passionately engaged audience as the nation heads towards a pivotal moment in its political history.

What do you believe will be the most likely outcome of Hunter Biden's federal gun case trial? 

37% - Acquittal on all charges
33% - Mistrial or plea deal
17% - Conviction on all charges
13% - Conviction on some charges

In our recent poll, we asked readers what they believe will be the most likely outcome of Hunter Biden's federal gun case trial. The leading response, with 37% of the vote, was "Acquittal on all charges." Many of our readers shared their thoughts on this controversial topic.

One reader bluntly stated, "Simple…He's a Democrat." Another emphasized the Biden family's influence, saying, "He’s a Biden. He’s protected." A third comment reflected a broader skepticism, "The democrats think they can buy any judge and prosecutor right now." These responses highlight the prevailing sentiment that political connections will shield Hunter Biden from conviction.

What do you think will be the most significant impact of the hush money trial's verdict on former President Donald Trump and the 2024 election? 

30% - Strategic Response from Trump & the Republican Party
27% - Voter Perception & Media Coverage
23% - Campaign Effectiveness
20% - Further Legal Challenges

In our latest poll, we asked readers what they believe will be the most significant impact of the hush money trial's verdict on former President Donald Trump and the 2024 election. The majority of our audience, leading with 30%, indicated that a "Strategic Response from Trump & the Republican Party" would be the most significant outcome. This sentiment reflects a belief that the verdict will galvanize Trump's base and potentially unify the Republican Party.

One reader expressed, "Pres. Trump’s base will be energized. Also, the RNC will become unified. A much-needed happening." Another highlighted the broader implications by saying, "If it can happen to President Trump, it will happen for everyone." A third reader added, "Trump supporters will continue to yield 100% backing but the main stream media will continue to spread malicious lies and distortions until they get Trump completely out of the way (in prison or assassinated) God bless and protect Donald J Trump." These responses show a range of opinions, but a common thread is the expectation of a strong, strategic counter from Trump and the GOP.

Which potential outcome of the hush money trial against former President Donald Trump do you think is most likely? 

32% - Acquitted of all charges
28% - Hung jury, leading to a mistrial
25% - Convicted and face prison time
15% - Negotiate a New Nuclear Deal

In a recent poll, Conservative Fix readers were asked which outcome they believed was most likely in the hush money trial against former President Donald Trump. The leading response, with 32% of the vote, was that Trump would be acquitted of all charges. This sentiment reflects widespread skepticism about the legitimacy of the charges and the integrity of the legal process.

One reader opined, "This is corruption at its highest level. The actual criminals are in this administration and the intelligence community." Another commented, "Still waiting for a real definition of the CRIME? WHAT CRIME? Hoping that NYC jurors are really as discerning as they THINK they are." A third noted, "Cohen testified that HE paid the money, not Trump. And he didn’t tell Trump about it. I don’t believe there ever was a hookup with the whore anyway. Married to Melania, why would he??? She is much hotter than the whore will ever be. The judge is corrupt, the prosecutor is corrupt, this is nothing more than a political stunt to try and damage Trump before November. This is a total disgrace!!!!" These responses underscore a deep mistrust in the judicial process and a belief that the trial is politically motivated.

How should the U.S. respond to Iran's increased stockpile of near weapons-grade enriched uranium? 

43% - Dismantle Iran’s Nuclear Facilities
31% - Implement Sanctions on Iran
15% - Continue as is & Monitor the Situation Closely
11% - Negotiate a New Nuclear Deal

What do you think is the most critical issue facing the United States today? 

70% - Border Security & Immigration
12% - Economic Stability & Inflation
11% - Foreign Policy & Global Threats
7% - Domestic Affairs & Civil Liberties

What could be the biggest challenge for Trump winning the 2024 election? 

44% - Election Integrity Concerns
22% - Media & Social Media Censorship
20% - Public Perception and Image
14% - Legal Issues & Investigations

What is the best way to fix our healthcare system?

37% - Repeal/Replace Obamacare
23% - Increase Competition
21% - Full Price Transparency
19% - Expand HSAs