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Ohio Poll Shows Trump with Seven-Point Advantage Over Biden

New poll shows Trump gaining ground with young and black voters in key swing state.

Former President Donald Trump has taken a decisive seven-point lead over Democrat incumbent Joe Biden in the critical swing state of Ohio, according to a recent Marist poll. This significant gap indicates shifting dynamics in a state that could prove pivotal in the upcoming November presidential election.

The Marist poll surveyed 1,259 Ohio adults, revealing that 48 percent of respondents plan to vote for Trump, while only 41 percent intend to vote for Biden. Additionally, five percent support Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., one percent back either Green Party candidate Jill Stein or Libertarian Chase Oliver, four percent remain undecided, and less than one percent support Independent Cornel West.

Key findings from the poll include:

  • Youth and Black Voter Support: Trump is making inroads with traditionally Democratic demographics. Among voters under 35, 46 percent support Trump compared to 37 percent for Biden, with another 12 percent favoring Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Moreover, 57 percent of black voters in Ohio still back Biden, but this marks a significant drop from the 83 percent he secured in 2020.

  • Economic Sentiment: A notable 59 percent of respondents believe they were better off under Trump than under Biden, reflecting economic dissatisfaction under the current administration.

  • Approval Ratings: Trump holds a 45 percent approval rating in Ohio, compared to Biden’s 36 percent, highlighting a substantial advantage for the former president.

Ohio's 17 electoral votes make it a crucial battleground state alongside Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Current trends suggest Trump leads Biden in five of these swing states, with Nevada showing a tie and Michigan presenting a slight lead for Biden.

As the race heats up, these poll results underscore the shifting voter sentiment and the critical role Ohio will play in determining the 2024 election outcome.

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