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  • Democrat Governor Shapiro Ridicules Pro-Trump Republicans: ‘Pathetically Weak People’

Democrat Governor Shapiro Ridicules Pro-Trump Republicans: ‘Pathetically Weak People’

Pennsylvania's Josh Shapiro slams GOP loyalty to Trump amid ongoing party unification efforts.

In a scathing critique, Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro recently derided Republicans who continue to support former President Donald Trump, labeling them as “profoundly and pathetically weak people.” Shapiro's sharp comments came in the wake of Trump's meeting with Republican lawmakers in Washington, D.C., aimed at rallying party unity ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Highlights of Shapiro's Remarks:

  • Election Disputes: Shapiro recounted how Trump and his allies attempted to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania. “When Donald Trump sued us to try to first stop people from voting, then [have] their votes count, he and his allies sued us 42 times,” Shapiro stated. “We had a free and fair, safe and secure election.”

  • Electoral Performance: Shapiro pointed out Trump's declining influence in Pennsylvania since his narrow victory in 2016. “While Donald Trump squeaked out a victory in 2016 in Pennsylvania by just over 40,000 votes, in every subsequent election, either Donald Trump or his hand-picked candidate lost. They lost for governor, they lost for United States Senate, hell, they even lost for school board in some cases,” he noted.

  • Republican Allegiance: Addressing the GOP’s ongoing support for Trump, Shapiro remarked on the irony of Republicans who previously condemned Trump after January 6th now rallying behind him. “I had to laugh today when some of those senators were, like, standing up there applauding him — the same people that were saying after January 6th that he didn’t have a place there, that he had stoked violence against them.”

Shapiro's critique extended to the broader implications of GOP loyalty to Trump, suggesting that it marks a departure from the principles of Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party. “They are people who have lost really just the sort of core vision of, you know, Reagan’s Republican Party, the Republican Party that you worked for in a really noble and honorable way,” he claimed.

The governor further lamented the GOP's unwavering support for Trump despite numerous electoral defeats. “Now, they just look straight to that one man. A man who has delivered them loss after loss after loss here in Pennsylvania and across the country. Why they continue to follow him in many ways is a reflection on just the weak people that they are more than anything else.”

As the 2024 election approaches, Shapiro's pointed criticism highlights the deep divisions within the Republican Party and underscores the contentious nature of Trump’s enduring influence.

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