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  • John Kennedy Delivers Gender Biology Lesson Highlighting Unfair Advantages in Sports

John Kennedy Delivers Gender Biology Lesson Highlighting Unfair Advantages in Sports

Senator Explains Why Biological Males Have Physical Edge Over Females in Athletics.

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) delivered a compelling lesson in biology on Wednesday, elucidating why biological males possess inherent physical advantages over females in athletics. His detailed explanation came amidst ongoing debates about fairness in women's sports.

Kennedy outlined several key physical differences that contribute to males outperforming females, particularly after puberty. “Girls’ lungs are 12% smaller than boys’ lungs. Their hearts are 14% smaller. That gives boys a clear edge in endurance sports,” he stated, highlighting activities like swimming, cycling, and rowing.

Key Points:

  • Biological males have physical advantages such as larger lungs and hearts, providing superior endurance.

  • Females develop a wider pelvis, reducing the force exerted by their legs compared to males.

  • Males typically have broader shoulders, facilitating more upper body muscle mass.

  • A higher muscle-to-fat ratio and greater bone density give males advantages in various sports.

Kennedy elaborated, “Girls develop a wider pelvis. That decreases the amount of force their legs exert when they’re lifting, when they’re kicking, when they’re pedaling. That’s another relative disadvantage vis-a-vis boys or men. When you compare female athletes to their male counterparts.” He also noted that boys generally grow taller than girls and have denser bones, which contribute to more forceful movement and a lower risk of injury.

Former collegiate swimmer and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines reacted to Kennedy’s remarks, saying, “A sitting US Senator has to explain the physical differences between girls and boys to other sitting US Senators … what a time to be an American.”

Sharron Davies added, “Honestly it’s ‘1984’ that we have to say these things, what’s happened to people’s brains that they can ignore basic biology? There are 2 gametes. One large (female) one small (sperm) there is NO 3rd sex & humans can’t change sex! This is all fact. Even if u don’t like it.”

Senator Kennedy’s biology lesson underscores the critical conversation around fairness in sports and the importance of recognizing inherent physical differences. As this debate continues, it remains essential to ensure that athletic competitions are equitable for all participants.

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