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Immigration Issues Are 'Killing' Biden's Re-Election Campaign, Says CNN's Scott Jennings

Pundit Highlights Growing Public Frustration with Current Administration's Policies.

CNN pundit Scott Jennings stated on Sunday that immigration problems are severely damaging President Joe Biden's chances of re-election. During a segment on CNN, host Amara Walker asked Jennings to comment on former President Donald Trump's controversial suggestion for a fight league involving migrants.

Jennings emphasized that the majority of Americans, including a significant portion of Hispanic voters, support Trump's immigration policies. This widespread approval contrasts sharply with Biden's handling of the issue.

  • Public Support for Trump’s Policies: Jennings highlighted that two-thirds of Americans back Trump's immigration stance, demonstrating a substantial public shift towards stricter border controls.

  • Criminal Incidents Involving Migrants: Jennings cited several high-profile crimes allegedly committed by illegal migrants during Biden's administration, arguing that these incidents fuel public perception of migrants as violent.

  • Biden’s Low Approval Ratings: Jennings linked Biden’s low approval ratings to his administration's perceived failures in handling immigration. According to the latest FiveThirtyEight poll average, Biden's approval rating stands at 39.5%.

Walker questioned whether Trump's comments were racist or xenophobic, given his depiction of migrants as inherently violent. Jennings countered by listing specific criminal cases involving migrants, suggesting that these events validate public concerns about security.

Jennings argued that Biden's immigration policies, including a recent executive order to restrict asylum requests and protections for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens, are insufficient and unpopular. He suggested that Trump's focus on immigration is resonating with voters, who are increasingly frustrated with the current administration's approach.

As the 2024 election approaches, immigration remains a pivotal issue for American voters. The growing dissatisfaction with Biden's policies underscores the challenge his campaign faces in addressing public concerns and regaining voter trust.

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