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  • House Republicans Allege Hunter Biden Leveraged Father's Position to Dodge 2016 Fraud Charges

House Republicans Allege Hunter Biden Leveraged Father's Position to Dodge 2016 Fraud Charges

Lawmakers Demand SEC Documents to Uncover Potential Misuse of Influence.

House Republicans have raised serious allegations that Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, leveraged his father's position to avoid fraud charges during a 2016 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation into Rosemont Seneca Bohai, a business entity linked to him. This revelation comes as part of a broader inquiry into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Key Points:

  • Request for Confidentiality: During the 2016 investigation, Hunter Biden’s legal team requested that the SEC treat the matter with the utmost confidentiality, citing his father's position. “The confidential nature of this investigation is very important to our client and it would be unfair, not just to our client, but also to his father, the Vice President of the United States, if his involvement in an SEC investigation and parallel criminal probe were to become the subject of any media attention,” they wrote.

  • SEC Charges: Despite the SEC charging multiple individuals associated with Rosemont Seneca for fraud, Hunter Biden was notably absent from those charged.

  • House Republicans' Actions: Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and James Comer (R-KY) have sent a letter to SEC Chair Gary Gensler, demanding documents related to the investigation and a transcribed interview with Tejal D. Shah, the attorney who led the probe.

According to the lawmakers, Rosemont Seneca's bank account was used to funnel foreign payments and benefits to Hunter Biden, including money from Ukraine and a new sports car from a Kazakh oligarch. Devon Archer, Hunter's former business partner who was convicted in the scheme, testified that Hunter served as the corporate secretary for Rosemont Seneca, a claim Hunter Biden has denied.

“Mr. Biden’s response gratuitously invoked his father’s position as the Vice President in what could be interpreted as an effort to discourage further SEC scrutiny,” Jordan and Comer wrote. “And on May 11, 2016, the SEC published a press release — announcing the charging of seven individuals—with no mention or charging of Hunter Biden.”

The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees are now seeking to uncover whether Hunter Biden’s high-profile connections influenced the SEC's handling of the case. This investigation could shed light on potential misuse of influence and the extent of Hunter Biden's involvement in the alleged fraud.

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