Good Samaritans Assault Suspected Child Rapist

New York Residents Apprehend and Subdue Suspect Before Police Arrival.

In a dramatic turn of events, New York City residents took justice into their own hands this week, apprehending and severely beating an illegal alien from Ecuador accused of raping a young girl in a park. The suspect, 25-year-old Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, was held down by the Good Samaritans until law enforcement arrived.

Key Points:

  • Community Action: Inga-Landi, after being confronted by the locals, was beaten so badly that he sought refuge under a car to protect himself. The severity of the beating necessitated medical attention before the police could take him into custody.

  • Police Commendation: Retired NYPD Sergeant Joseph Giacalone praised the police and community collaboration that led to Inga-Landi’s capture, highlighting the effective dissemination of the suspect's description and the public’s involvement.

  • Suspect’s Background: Inga-Landi reportedly entered the United States illegally in 2021 amid President Joe Biden’s border crisis. Prior to this heinous crime, he had accumulated several low-level offenses.

The incident began when Inga-Landi allegedly ambushed two 13-year-olds, a boy and a girl, in a remote area of Kissena Park. Armed with a "large machete-style knife," he forced the teens off the path, tied their wrists with shoelaces, molested the girl, and stole their phones before fleeing. The traumatized teens ran to their nearby school to report the attack, prompting a swift response from the community and police.

Jeffrey Flores, a Queens resident, emerged as a hero for his role in capturing Inga-Landi. Flores, along with other residents, managed to detain the suspect and prevent his escape until the authorities arrived.

The swift community response and the brutal justice meted out to Inga-Landi underscore the public’s frustration and willingness to act in the face of rising crime, especially involving vulnerable children. This incident also shines a spotlight on the ongoing border crisis and its implications for public safety in American communities.

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