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Leading French Jews Advise Community to Emigrate After Leftist Election Victory

Rise of Anti-Semitic Far-Left in France Prompts Warnings from Jewish Leaders.

After recent elections in France where centrist and leftist parties united to oppose Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party, resulting in the New Popular Front coalition victory, prominent French Jews are urging their community to leave the country. The coalition includes the anti-Semitic France Unbowed far-left party.

France Unbowed leader Jean-Luc Melenchon dismissed the surge in anti-Semitic rallies after October 7. Last month, he referred to the “war propaganda” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stating, “Netanyahu has made Israel the pariah of the Nations in public opinion.” Melenchon has also refused to condemn the terrorist group Hamas.

Rabbi Moshe Sebbag from the Synagogue de la Victoire told The Times of Israel, “it seems France has no future for Jews,” highlighting that anti-Semitism in France has become mainstream.

Key Statements from Jewish Leaders:

  • Bernard-Henri Lévy: “The left is once again kidnapped by the infamous Melenchon. Divisive language. Hate of the republic on the lips. Around him right now are some incarnations of the new antisemitism. A chilling moment. A stain: Continue to fight against these people.”

  • Yohann Taieb: “Melenchon’s victory is a terrible signal of impunity sent to the anti-Jewish Islamo-Fascists.”

According to data from the French interior ministry and a French-Jewish security watchdog, anti-Semitic acts in France nearly quadrupled in 2023 from 2022. France 24 reported that anti-Semitic incidents in the three months following October 7 equaled those of the previous three years combined.

In a particularly horrifying incident, a 12-year-old Jewish girl was allegedly raped in a Paris suburb. Two teenage boys were arrested and charged with aggravated gang rape on a minor younger than 15, violence and public insult motivated by religion, death threats, attempted extortion, and unlawfully recording or broadcasting sexual images. The word “Palestine” was mentioned during the attack, according to attorney Elie Korchia.

The alarming rise in anti-Semitic violence and the political empowerment of anti-Semitic factions in France's left-wing coalition have created a hostile environment for Jews. Prominent voices within the Jewish community are now urging their fellow Jews to consider leaving France for their safety and future.

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