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  • Fauci Joins ‘The View’ in Criticizing Trump, Calls Detractors ‘Bastards’

Fauci Joins ‘The View’ in Criticizing Trump, Calls Detractors ‘Bastards’

Former NIAID Director Discusses Pandemic Response and Trump Administration on Popular Talk Show.

Dr. Anthony Fauci made a notable appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Thursday, where he joined the hosts in criticizing former President Donald Trump and addressed his own detractors with unfiltered candor.

Fauci, who became a household name as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) during the COVID-19 pandemic, discussed his tenure under both Trump and President Joe Biden. He was on the show to promote his new book and share his experiences from the tumultuous pandemic period.

During the conversation, Fauci revealed a Latin phrase he often recalled when facing criticism, translating it with a laugh: “Don’t let the bastards wear you down.” This sentiment set the tone for the discussion as the hosts reflected on their experiences during the pandemic and their views on Trump’s handling of the crisis.

Key Points:

  • Fauci criticized Trump’s pandemic response and addressed his own critics on “The View.”

  • The hosts blamed Trump for misinformation and poor management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Fauci shared a personal motto about resilience in the face of criticism.

Sunny Hostin, one of the show's hosts, expressed her frustration with Trump's actions during the pandemic, particularly his controversial statements about using bleach and hydroxychloroquine. She emotionally blamed Trump for the deaths of her in-laws due to COVID-19, highlighting the personal toll of the administration's missteps.

“We remember those pandemic briefings,” Hostin said. “I remember the injection of bleach perhaps, hydroxychloroquin, dangerous recommendations. You were particularly disturbed, I read, by his refusal to wear a mask.”

Fauci responded, claiming that some of Trump's allies believed he disagreed with the president’s COVID policies out of personal antipathy, a notion he firmly denied. He emphasized that his recommendations were based on science and public health principles, not politics.

As the segment concluded, the hosts thanked Fauci for his service, with Fauci lamenting that political battles often overshadowed his health guidance. He noted that many people failed to heed his advice because they were more focused on partisan disputes.

Fauci's appearance on “The View” underscores the enduring controversy and polarized opinions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic response and the political climate that shaped it. His candid remarks reflect the ongoing debates about leadership, science, and public health in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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