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  • Burgum Urges CNN to Question Joe Biden About Hunter's Laptop During Debate

Burgum Urges CNN to Question Joe Biden About Hunter's Laptop During Debate

North Dakota Governor Calls for Accountability on Past False Claims.

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum has called on CNN to hold President Joe Biden accountable for past false claims about Hunter Biden's laptop in the upcoming presidential debate. During a Sunday interview on "State of the Union" with Kaitlan Collins, Burgum urged CNN to pose tough questions to Biden regarding his 2020 assertions that the laptop was "Russian disinformation."

Burgum, a potential vice-presidential candidate for Trump, emphasized the importance of addressing this issue directly. He noted the significance of Biden's repeated attempts to run for office and his extensive campaign history dating back to the Nixon administration.

  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Biden previously dismissed the laptop as "Russian disinformation" during the 2020 campaign. The laptop has since been used as evidence in a criminal trial against Hunter Biden, resulting in multiple weapons charges.

  • Call for Tough Questions: Burgum sees the debate as an opportunity for CNN to ask Biden about his misleading statements. He stressed the need for transparency and accountability from the current president.

Burgum criticized Biden for his dismissal of the laptop as a smear campaign, highlighting the importance of correcting the narrative now that the truth has been revealed. He suggested that the American public deserves answers and that CNN has a duty to ask difficult questions of both candidates.

Collins assured viewers that the debate would feature "tough questions for everybody," indicating a thorough and rigorous examination of each candidate’s positions and past statements.

As the debate approaches, the focus on Hunter Biden's laptop underscores the ongoing concerns about transparency and honesty in the current administration. Burgum's challenge to CNN reflects a broader demand for accountability and integrity in political discourse.

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