Bill Gates Praises Bipartisan Support for Nuclear Power

Gates envisions a future with over 100 new nuclear plants to ensure energy security and environmental sustainability.

Billionaire Bill Gates recently highlighted the strong bipartisan support for nuclear power in the United States, emphasizing its importance for the country's energy future. During a CBS News interview with Margaret Brennan on "Face the Nation," Gates discussed the ongoing construction of a new nuclear power plant in Wyoming and shared his ambitious vision for the U.S. to build dozens more.

Gates underscored the critical role nuclear power can play in achieving energy security and reducing carbon emissions. “I meet with lots of Republicans. I meet with lots of Democrats,” Gates said. “I’d say that the support for nuclear power is very impressive in both parties. The reasons they support nuclear power may not be identical. The Republicans may emphasize the security issues, you know, energy security, exporting these power things to the entire world. The Democrats value those things but they also value that it’s a clean source of energy.”

Gates addressed concerns about nuclear safety by contrasting modern reactor designs with those of the past. “A problem when you shut a reactor down it still has heat. That’s why Chernobyl was a problem and Fukushima,” Gates explained. “Our design, that goes away because since we use this sodium to cool everything, it can absorb all that heat.” He noted that earlier reactor generations had complex safety measures that drove up costs, but modern designs simplify these systems while maintaining safety, potentially lowering the cost of nuclear energy.

Highlighting the strategic benefits of domestic nuclear technology, Gates said, “You really don’t want the nuclear reactors around the world made by your adversaries because it’s economically a huge job creator and because the materials involved in these reactors possibly could be diverted. You want your eye on, you know, making sure that it’s not feeding into some military-related activity.”

The construction of the new Wyoming nuclear plant marks a significant step towards a broader nuclear future in the U.S. Gates expressed confidence in the continued expansion of nuclear energy, irrespective of political changes. His advocacy points to a future where nuclear power plays a pivotal role in achieving energy independence and environmental goals.

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