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Biden's Ad Campaign Targets Trump Ahead of Next Week's Debate

Biden tries to divert attention from his administration's failures by attacking Trump.

As the first presidential debate nears, President Joe Biden's campaign is intensifying attacks on Donald Trump, focusing on his 34 felony convictions. In a new 30-second ad, Biden's team portrays Trump as a "convicted criminal who’s only out for himself," contrasting it with Biden's alleged efforts to lower healthcare costs and tackle corporate greed.

  • The ad is part of a $50 million blitz targeting national cable and battleground states.

  • Trump remains a strong contender, leading Biden nationally and in crucial states despite the convictions.

  • Trump's campaign argues the prosecutions are politically motivated, rallying significant financial support post-verdict.

The first debate, set for June 27 in Atlanta, will occur without a live audience, at the Biden campaign's request. Trump, undeterred by his legal battles, continues to campaign vigorously, appealing to conservatives frustrated by the current administration's failures.

Meanwhile, Biden's own legal challenges and family controversies cast a shadow over his re-election bid. Special Counsel Robert Hur's investigation into Biden's handling of classified documents ended without charges, but the president’s son, Hunter Biden, faces convictions for firearm-related felonies. Furthermore, Republican-led inquiries into the Biden family's business dealings raise questions about possible corruption during Biden's vice presidency.

The upcoming debate will be pivotal as both candidates seek to sway undecided voters. Biden’s strategy to attack Trump’s legal issues may backfire, especially as Americans grapple with economic uncertainty and a lack of confidence in Democratic leadership.

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