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DeSantis Strikes Back at Illinois Governor’s Critique


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a steadfast proponent of liberty and personal responsibility, recently had an opportunity to respond to Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker’s criticism during a speech in the Land of Lincoln itself.

Addressing the Lincoln Day event for the Peoria and Tazewell County Republican parties, DeSantis didn’t hesitate to address Pritzker’s previous jabs at his policies. Pritzker, a Democrat, had invoked the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln to critique DeSantis’ leadership, painting it as cruel, self-serving, and contrary to the concept of freedom as understood by Illinoisans.

Pritzker went so far as to label DeSantis’ leadership approach as “tyranny,” raising eyebrows among those familiar with the Florida governor’s commitment to individual liberty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a twist of irony, DeSantis highlighted in his speech that when Pritzker was busy implementing lockdowns in Illinois during the height of the pandemic, his family found respite in none other than the Sunshine State. The question begs: why would they choose to relocate to a state governed by supposed “tyranny”?

Pritzker’s family, it seems, opted for the very freedom that Pritzker criticized when they moved to Florida, a state that was then being lauded for its balanced approach to the pandemic. While Pritzker insisted on a statewide stay-at-home order in 2020, his wife and daughter were soaking up the Florida sun. They only returned to Illinois months later.

When questioned about his family’s whereabouts during the pandemic, Pritzker deflected, calling the inquiries “inappropriate” and “reprehensible.” Yet, it’s worth noting that the actions of his family seemed to contradict his own hardline stance on COVID-19 restrictions.

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has pointed out this seeming incongruity in Pritzker’s approach. He’s previously questioned Pritzker’s dedication to his own lockdown policies while his family was enjoying the liberties available in Florida.

Governor DeSantis, who is currently touring midwestern states like Illinois and Iowa, is seen as a potential presidential candidate. His platform of personal liberty and a balanced approach to public health measures continues to gain national attention, standing as a testament to conservative values that prioritize individual responsibility and freedom.

Alexandra Russel
Alexandra Russel
Highly respected journalist and political commentator with over a decade of experience in the industry. Alex was born and raised in Florida, where she developed a passion for writing at a young age, leading her to pursue a degree in journalism from the University of Florida. After graduation, she worked as a political reporter for several local and national publications before being appointed as the chief editor at Conservative Fix.

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