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Megyn Kelly Urges Tucker Carlson to Break Free and Challenge Fox News


Megyn Kelly has recently encouraged Tucker Carlson to break his contract with Fox News and continue his career elsewhere, arguing that the company is attempting to keep him sidelined through the 2024 elections. Kelly has been discussing Carlson’s firing on her show, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” for two weeks since he was let go without any explanation to his viewers.

At the time of his termination, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was cable News’ highest-rated primetime show. Kelly claims that Carlson’s attorneys believe Fox News is not negotiating in good faith. She referenced a recent Axios report stating that Carlson is prepared to pressure Fox News into releasing him from his contract.

Kelly also commented on Fox News’ declining ratings following Carlson’s departure, noting that the network has been losing to MSNBC. She suggested that Fox News wants Carlson to remain silent and inactive, essentially being “immobilized” by the network.

Many of Carlson’s fans want him to be involved in the upcoming Republican Primary and the general election. In response to Fox News’ lack of transparency regarding Carlson’s show cancellation, Kelly advised Carlson to breach his contract, start a rival news network, and forfeit the money. She argued that he would make more money in the long run anyway.

According to Kelly, if Fox News takes Carlson to court, the primary issue would be whether they have the right to silence him for the entire election season, despite his years of loyal service and role in keeping the network number one.

Kelly implied that Fox News does not have someone capable of replacing Carlson. Unlike other former Fox News hosts, Kelly did not sign a non-disclosure agreement when she left the network voluntarily to work for NBC News.

The Axios report mentioned by Kelly claimed that Carlson has information on Fox News that he may use as leverage. The report also suggested that Carlson might start his own media outlet or join a competitor that directly challenges Fox News.

Carlson’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, emphasized that any attempt to silence his client would be unsuccessful, stating that the idea of silencing Tucker and preventing him from addressing his audience is “beyond preposterous.”

Alexandra Russel
Alexandra Russel
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